WeEn Semiconductors debuts at the 2023 Electronica China fair, accelerating the upgrading of power device innovation

WeEn Semiconductors debuts at the 2023 Electronica China fair, accelerating the upgrading of power device innovation

[July11,2023-Shanghai, China]

From July 11 to 13, the 2023 Electronica China fair will hold at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. At Booth H7.2 C120, WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd. (herein referred to as “WeEn”), a leading global power semiconductor supplier, will showcase its rich product portfolio that includes upgraded comprehensive power semiconductor solutions covering the industrial, photovoltaic energy storage, and new energy vehicle sectors.

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A continual product advancement strategy that drives coordinated development in the industry chain

As a grand industry event in 2023, the Electronica China fair aims to align with the trends and demands of the electronics industry, with this edition of the fair attracting participation from over 1,600 upstream and downstream companies. As a well-known power device supplier in the industry, WeEn intends to demonstrate its robust technological acumen and range of products at this year’s fair in Shanghai.

As a result of its continuous investment in reliable and efficient power semiconductor devices, WeEn will showcase the range of innovative technologies and the latest products the company has developed, thereby demonstrating its depth and breadth of accomplishments as well as unparalleled efficiency in specific applications. Given the current environment characterized by numerous challenges and uncertainties in the semiconductor supply chain, WeEn has joined forces with the upstream and downstream industry chains to foster collaboration-based transformation.

In recent years, WeEn has embarked on an in-depth collaboration with mainstream industry suppliers and worked together with customers to build long-term, stable, and reliable supply-demand relationships that promote the sustainable development of the industry chain and foreground synergies. For instance, WeEn’s power product portfolio for photovoltaic energy storage has demonstrated superior technological advantages in multiple applications, including micro inverters, high-power energy storage systeammedium and low-power energy storage  systeam single phase & three phase string inverters,WeEn’s products have gained unanimous recognition from top-tier customers in the industry and have been widely adopted based on their quality, efficiency, and reliability due to the company’s ability to guarantee stable supply while actively listening to customers’ feedback to optimize product performance and positively impact product upgrading and innovation.

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Continuous technology evaluation that sets a new standard for efficient power devices

At this year's Electronica China fair, WeEn will exhibit a range of power discrete devices, including Silicon Carbide devices, Si-MOSFETs, Thyristors, and Power Diodes, as well as various types of power modules such as bipolar power modules, silicon carbide modules, and IGBT modules. This diverse product series covers all aspects of photovoltaic energy storage and industrial and new energy vehicle applications, providing customized solutions aligned with customer requirements.

With regard to the exhibition of thyristor product solutions, WeEn will highlight the advantages of thyristor planar design technology, which has a maximum operating junction temperature of 150, low leakage current, and outstanding reliability. It is worth emphasizing that some packages have passed the UL1557 Insulation Certification, offering users comparatively higher security and high insolation withstand voltage of up to  2500V.

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In terms of the exhibition of end application solutions WeEn will showcase its highly performant and impressive fourth-generation 650V fast recovery diode, featuring high blocking voltage, low leakage current, fast recovery speed, and strong avalanche capability. With optimized terminal design and advanced life time control technology, the 650V fast recovery diode, which has been widely adopted by consumer and industrial customers, demonstrates outstanding EMI performance and world-class reliability. Additionally, the SJ-MOSFET, characterized by high voltage, Low Rds(on) and excellent Rsp (on) performance, significantly improves power density. While providing extremely low conduction loss and switching loss as well as the outstanding EMI capability.It is particularly designed for applications such as. SMPS, Tele-communication, PV&ESS and EV charging station.

As a major player in the field of compound semiconductor since 2011,WeEn has continued to research and develop various silicon carbide (SiC) semiconductor devices, cumulatively shipping 40 million units. Currently, WeEn has completed the development of the sixth-generation SiC diode products, featuring an ultra-low Vf of 1.26V. Furthermore, WeEn’s second-generation SiC MOSFET products have achieved the industry's lowest specific conductivity resistance: Ron,sp=2.6mΩ·cm2. Meanwhile, the development of third-generation trench gate products is currently underway.  

It is worth mentioning that WeEn has brought novel and exciting technical presentations to the exhibition, allowing audiences to witness the company’s unparalleled and efficient range of products. In particular, engineers from WeEn share in-depth presentations on multiple topics, including WeEn High-performance SiC Devices That Power the Low-carbon Industry Development, Introduction to WeEn’s Si MOSFET Products and Their Applications, Applications of WeEn Thyristors and Silicon-based Diodes in Power Supplies, and Introduction to WeEn High-performance IGBT Products and Their Applications. They have shared the outstanding achievements of WeEn from various dimensions and received unanimous praise from the audience.

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Accordingly, Brian Xie, marketing director of WeEn, stated, "WeEn relies on a highly skilled R&D and operation team, maintains a high level of investment in research and development, and keep expanding advanced manufacture capacity. At WeEn, we will continue to rely on our product and technological advantages, timely and effective customer support, and a global sales network to develop new products, provide technical services, and promote our products. This way, we can pursue our goal of providing reliable and efficient power semiconductor devices to customers and partners and driving the high-quality development of the industry."

Furthermore, WeEnwin module factory, WeEn’s wholly-owned subsidiary, will hold its grand opening and officially start operation on July 25th. With a total area of over 11,000 square meters, the WeEnwin module factory has already introduced over a hundred advanced machines in its inaugural development phase and has up to ten different module packages in production and under development. The factory’s fully automated module production line offers various process options, including lead-free chip bonding and silver sintering, terminal press-fit and ultrasonic welding, aluminum wire bonding, and Copper clip copper foil connection. Furthermore, a strong and experience technical team is working on the module development and mass production which can ensure high quality module products to sever end market.

In the future,WeEn semiconductors will develop more high power density and high efficient products, continual establishment of a global manufacture and supply chain, which can bring more value added benefits to our customer.



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